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Rotor Oil Filter

Preserving Your Vehicle at 100,000 Miles: Key Products to exchange only at that Maintenance Interval

Nowadays individuals are keeping their cars longer than in the past. Actually, based on the latest statistics from R.L. Polk Co, the typical vehicle on the highway has become almost 11 years of age. You will find several causes of this striking statistic. Nevertheless the most apparent reason is always that the economy required a nose join in late 2008. So if you're such as the huge numbers of people choosing they are driving their cars past the 100,000 mile mark, it might be smart individuals to take a position the cash into obtaining the proper maintenance needed only at that integral moment inside your car's existence.


Before diving in to the greatest maintenance project of the automobiles existence, make sure to talk to the constant maintenance agenda for your automobile. Since every vehicle differs, many products might affect your vehicle. For those who have lost or manual or are otherwise uncertain, you shouldn't be afraid to see on or request the local trustworthy auto look for advice. Additionally for this, most auto producers make copies from the user guide available on the web. Below is really a general help guide to exactly what a typical vehicle needs maintained in the 100,000 mile mark.


Liquids would be the existence bloodstream of the vehicle. With time, grime and debris can start to clog and overwhelm your engine and it is parts eventually resulting in an costly repair. Additionally for this, many liquids have chemicals that lose their effectiveness with time. So it seems sensible that changing all of them with new and clean fluids can help to actually can drive your vehicle for an additional 100,000 miles. For many cars it's suggested the oil, transmission fluid, coolant, energy steering fluid, and brake fluid all get completely changed. In some instances, certain liquids will live in a permanently sealed reservoir that alternative is not required or possible.


Your vehicle's serpentine devices are constructed with a unique type of rubber made to operate in a fashionable engine compartment. However, it doesn't mean that they'll last forever. When checking the devices search for indications of cracking, missing ribbing, or simply general brittleness. If you notice these signs this means that it's time to replace all of them with a brand new belt.

Timing Belt and Water Pump

Besides altering your oil, this maintenance task is most likely probably the most important products that can be done since the damage triggered with a damaged timing belt on interference engines could be very pricey to repair. Statistically speaking, there's an excellent chance that the timing belt will ultimately break. Despite the fact that this maintenance item is pricey (both time smart and cash smart), don't delay having your timing belt changed. And also, since you will all the trouble to possess this changed, you may as well possess the auto technician replace water pump too. In certain cars, a brand new timing belt tensioner may also be needed included in this maintenance item.

Tires and Brakes

As your vehicle's tires would be the only factor that really touches the pavement, it's very important to make sure that they're in good condition. Look into the tire's inflation level in addition to tread depth. Inspect them for indications of uneven put on, cracking, and protruding. Be sure to rotate them either. When the tires have uneven put on, or even the vehicle is tugging to one for reds, it might be here we are at an alignment too.

Together with tires, your brakes are another very important device that needs maintenance. Look at your pads and/or footwear to make certain that there's lots of material left to help keep you preventing later on. For those who have disc brakes, inspect the rotors for indications of uneven put on, pitting, or bending. If you notice any one of individuals products, it may be smart to ask them to switched. You need to proceed and replace the brake pads if you need to have your rotors switched.

Other Activities to examine or Replace

Additionally to devices and liquids, most auto producers recommend changing a couple of other products too. For example, altering your spark plugs is really a relatively simple task that needs to be area of the 100,000 mile maintenance. You shouldn't be afraid to alter the car's fuel filter, air conditioning filter, and PCV valve too. In case your vehicle is especially old, it's most likely time for you to replace the cap and rotor too.

When you are beneath your vehicle altering the oil, you need to inspect the under carriage for indications of rust along with other damage. If you will find indications of rust, hopefully you caught it early on to have it taken care off correctly. Another factor that you could do is to proceed a lubricate all the moving joints and relies upon your vehicle. Including such things as the doorway and chair hinges.


And lastly, it may be beneficial to examine all the rubber hoses situated beneath your hood. Including the coolant and oil lines in addition to vacuum hoses and fuel lines.

Just How Much Does the 100,000 Mile Maintenance Cost?

Because the 100,000 mile maintenance may be the biggest and many in-depth of all the maintenance times, it's also probably the most costly. Still though, having to pay for maintenance could save you lots of money and head aches over time. For those who have an interference engine are you aware that repairing one broken from the damaged timing belt might cost you up to $3,000 to correct? Considering that proposition, obtaining the maintenance will seem a good buy. The chart below outlines the normal costs of most of the products that should be maintained in the 100,000 mile mark.


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